Aryanto’s Portfolio as a Content-Developer


Welcome to my portfolio.

This page contains some works of mine as a content-developer in Our Daily Bread Ministries for the past six years.

What is Our Daily Bread Ministries

ODB Ministries is a global Christian literature ministries founded in 1938. We produce and distribute a wide range of Christian resources that share the message of God’s love and support you in your walk with God. These include devotionals such as the well-loved Our Daily Bread, Bible study resources, books, evangelistic resources, and other materials. Many of our resources are available in various languages and also in audio, video, and digital formats.

Here are some of my works as a content-developer in ODB Ministries

1. Create articles content for WarungSaTeKaMu

WarungSaTeKaMu is a platform for Christian young people in Indonesia to connect, learn, and grow their spiritual life. This website starts as an effort from ODB Ministries to reach young people with the Christian literature by online.

Established in 2010, now WarungSaTeKaMu has >18 millions+ pageviews annually in website


All articles (from Dec 2016 to present) are edited by me. As a Christian ministry website, we adopt a Citizen-Journalism style model. Our goal is this website become a platform for Indonesian young Christian to share their talent, especially in writing to bless others. But, to keep the quality of the content, every article submitted to us need to be edited first before it can be published.

You can find the articles here.

2. Create creative visual content (in collaboration with volunteers and design team) 

Porto-2To make our content more enjoyable, we modify some of our articles into an Instagram carrousel post that consists 7-10 images. I create the final copywriting and working collaboratively with the designer.

You can find the artwork here.

3. Create podcast series 

One episode of podcast every month. Podcast is our strategy to diversify our content.


4. Be admin for social media 

WarungSaTeKaMu also present on several social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, and WhatsApp. My job also doubles as admin for all these social media.


5. Conduct a fund-raising program and social activities 

Painting mural at some pre-school in rural villages in Boyolali and Sragen

Mural project serves as an initial step in an effort to start engaging young people in a creative way to ensure that it matches young people’s needs and interests as well as in bridging the work of Our Daily Bread Ministries and WarungSaTeKaMu more relevant to the younger audience.

On this project, we invite WarungSaTeKaMu readers to support this effort by giving a donation. The result of this project can be seen here.

6. Build up and maintain group of volunteers
As a Christian ministry with a lack of human resources, we can’t do all projects just by ourselves. We build a community that united by the same vision: to serve others by talent God has given to us.

7. As a host in talkshow and Instagram Live sessions

Hosting some talk shows with prominent figures such as Yossy Mokalu, Tracy Trinita, and Alex Nanlohy, discussing issues that relevant to young people.

You can watch the talkshow here.

Other works I do in WarungSaTeKaMu

  1. Writing script for video.
  2. Conduct a workshop about Narrative Writing in Surabaya, Bandung, and Jakarta. You can find the highlight here.
  3. Giving sermons/training about maximizing social media as a tool to develop the youth ministry


  1. Writing articles for others media
  1. Do freelance job as a copywriter for Refo Indonesia (July-Aug 2021)


  1. Do freelance job a a copywriter for (January 2022-present)